Mangaluru: Chain-snatching Incident Reported from Suburban Thokur

Mangaluru: It is simply baffling to come across the cases of citizens wearing expensive gold ornaments while moving around alone or in secluded places and losing them to snatchers.

The instances take place over and over in spite of reports and police cautions. If earlier such incidents were taking place in cities and towns, now the menace is spreading to suburbs and rural areas, this time in Thokur on the outskirts.

Two youngsters arrived in a motorbike and snatched two gold chains worth six sovereign from the neck of Nirmala Rao, who was walking towards home on Pejawar Math road in Thokur village earlier this week.

The value of the two chains is said to be Rs 1.20 lakh. A complaint has been filed in Panambur police station.

Never-ending ‘chain’ of snatching incidents!

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