Mangaluru: Children Future of Tomorrow – Oscar Fernandes

Mangaluru: Former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha member Oscar Fernandes was present on the account of International Children’s film festival at Suchitra Talkies on November 25.

A children’s movie, ‘Daughters Dream’ directed by Manto Pashupatinath was telecasted on this occasion.


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The movie revolved around a story of a 7 year old girl from a very poor family who wanted to pursue her dream but was opposed by her family and society as she was a girl. The movie concludes in a happy ending as she becomes a role model for every person in her village when she becomes a real life hero.

Speaking to the mediapersons on this occasion, Oscar Fernandes said, “Children should be given an opportunity to showcase their talents. There are various problems faced by the children in our nation when they try to show their talents.”

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Speaking about the International film festival, he said that such festivals showed how the children in other countries are. And movies show how hard they work to show their talents in their countries. International film festival is celebrated worldwide. This gives us the opportunity to show the situation of the children in our country to others just as other countries show the situation of the children in their country.

He also said that we should be aware of how the world was when we were born and how it has changed. We must be cautious of how our activities change the world. We must strive to give the world something better.



Since this year we celebrate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125 birth anniversary, Oscar Fernandes recalled that Pandit Nehru saw children as the future of tomorrow and had acknowledged their active role in building up the nation.

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