Mangaluru: City Body Bans Digging of Roads up to Sep 30 as Safety Measure

Mangaluru: With a view to protecting the roads and ensuring the safety of the users, the Mangaluru City Corporation has prohibited any digging activity on the internal road in connection with work like laying of underground pipelines, cables and other utilities.

The ban remains in force from June 1 up to September 30, obviously in anticipation of the monsoons.

Contractor laying underground pipelines and TV and phone cables keep digging the sides of the roads very often. When the ditches are filled, the finishing work is shabbily done. The local corporators do not seem to keep track of the quality of work done. It is the citizens and motorists who suffer in the bargain.

Contractors who dig the roads need to take prior permission from the MCC and the telecom department. Whether they do it or the departments or corporators keep a tab on it is anybody’s guess.

Just one of the instances:

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