Mangaluru: ‘Constitution Alone is Holy Book for Indians’ – Prof K S Bhagavan

Mangaluru: Speaking at a media meet in the Press Club here on Wednesday, noted author Prof K S Bhagavan reiterated his stand on holy books. He said that for Indians the Constitution was the only holy book.

The meet was arranged in support of Sundara Malekudiya, the victim of feudalistic atrocities by a landlord in Neriya village in Beltanagady.

He further said that the Gita which the Hindus hold in esteem promoted injustice. Shri Krishna who had 16,000 wives and Shri Ram who a Shudra and sent his wife in advance state of pregnancy to the forest could not be termed gods nor be deemed ideals for the people.

He criticized Shri Pejawar Swamiji for not coming to the support of Sundara Malekudiya, saying that the Swamiji had love only for Madhwa faith and not Hindu faith.

He questioned as to why the Swamiji, who got publcity by visiting the colonies of the depressed classes, did not utter a word in support of Sundara. Bhagavan also questioned the silence of Hindu outfits over the atrocities on Sundara by the landlord.

As the news of Bhagavan’s media meet went around, some activists, alleged belonging to the Sangh Parivar, arrived at the Press Club and raised slogans. The police had advance information of possible trouble. They provided security to the media meet and to Prof Bhagavan.

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