Mangaluru: Container Lorry Gets Grounded at Pumpwell Causing Traffic Mess

Mangaluru: The dire need of a bypass between the Netravati bridge at Ullal to Adyar and a corniche road along the beach northwards from the same point came to the fore yet again on Saturday.

A container lorry belonging to Arvind Road Carriers, on its way from the city towards Kasaragod, faced a problem when the bottom of its chassis touched the road surface around 11 am. The vehicle stayed stuck on the highway right in the middle.

It was kind of a mighty wall that separated the city from the outskirts. The real estate development on either side of the road having allowed no proper service roads between the city and the Ullal bridge, the traffic came to a standstill for hours.

Until the container could be brought back to its proper position, the traffic arriving from Thokkottu towards the city through Pumpwell was diverted towards Mahakalipadpu-Morgan’s Gate route.

Vehicles proceeding from the city toward Thokkottu and Kasaragod were made to take the BC Road-Melkar-Mudipu-Konaje route.

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