Mangaluru: Couple who had Inter-faith Marriage Goes Missing with New-born Child

Mangaluru: Madhosh from Vamanjoor had married Zahida from another faith according to the rites of his community on Nov 14, 2014. She had since changed her name to Mahalakshmi.

Just about 20 days ago, she delivered a baby girl. While she was at her husband’s house, she reportedly received a call from Shamshad, her sister, on Aug 12. They spoke for a while and then Mahalakshmi had a discussion with Madhosh.

After some time, they left the house with the child on the pretext of visiting her mother’s house. But they have neither visited that house nor returned home in Vamanjoor.

Madhosh’s mother Lalita has filed a complaint at the rural police station at Maroli in the matter. She has stated that the reason for her son and daughter-in-law leaving the house with the child was the phone call received from Shamshad.

The rural police are pursuing the case.

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