Mangaluru: Disaster Averted as Trains Approaching on Same Track Stopped in Time

Mangaluru: The station master of Padil station showed remarkable presence of mind and averted a major, potential disaster.

On Sunday evening, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus superfast train had left the junction station and in the meantime, owing a to communication delay, the Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram weekly express train was cleared from the Tokur station, on its way south.

The CST train had been delayed in the linking of six compartments. There were other snags as well. In order to avoid delays to several other trains, the clearance given to CST was withheld and other trains were given a green signal.

The staff at Padil could not communicate the matter to the junction staff at once. With both trains cleared from either side, there was a sure chance of a head-on collision. The Padil station master called the pilots of both the trains and ensured that they were stopped immediately.

Given the speed of both express trains, it was a question of just a very few minutes for a disaster to take place.

The communication gap was accounted for the fact the the signal at the junction station comes under the purview of the Southern Railway while the one at the Tokur station is under Konkan Railway.

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