Mangaluru: ‘Don’t Care for Life Threats Nor Will Leave BJP’- Rahim Uchil

Mangaluru: State Vice President-Minority Morcha-BJP, and past president of Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy (KBSA), Rahim Uchil who has survived a brutal attack on him in the year 2012 on March 15, when he was the president of KBSA (read related article below), and fully recovered had held a press meet at Mangalore Press Club. In that 2012 attack Rahim had deep injuries in his stomach, neck and hands- but the doctors saved his injured hand, but unfortunately Rahim lost one of his hand fingers (see pics)

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Addressing the media persons, Rahim said, ” Ever since he has recovered from that brutal attacks his enemies have been giving him life threats-their only demand I should leave Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP), and that I should not support the morals of BJP, and also praise about PM Narendra Modi and his work towards the betterment of India. Since that attack on 2012, I have received about 6-7 life threats, and already FIRs have been filed in Pandeshwar Station, and one recently in Barke Police station, where a FIR was filed on a group of men who had come to Mangalore Press Club to attack me, but just missed me since I left the premises few minutes early- the group had been identified through CCTV footage from a nearby ATM facility. What surprises me is that, I have my gunman with me all the time, but on this day he was on leave, so these attackers had picked the right day/time to assault me-but didn’t succeed. This shows that they are watching my movements or they are acting on a tip-off”

“One Aziz Baikampady, who is the president of Beary Kala Ranga-Mangaluru and his group are behind the life threats and attacks on me. They are false allegations on me that I misused funds when I was president of KBSA, and also that I gave awards to non-deserving people, which is all false. I did my duties as the president of KBSA to the best of my ability, and these allegations are all out of jealousy, and also that I belong to BJP which my accusers hate. No matter which political party you belong to, it’s all the same. Political parties deal with political affairs and not religion- so why connect my political post to religion, as it is done by my haters” he added.

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“After the present Congress government came to power I had to leave the post of the President of KBSA. But I feel sad to say that some of the current Board members/president of KBSA can’t even write Beary language, Beary literature, poems etc- and such people have been appointed to run the academy. I have full support from my colleagues and friends in the BJP, and I won’t listen to anyone to quit BJP. Through this press meet I want to send a message to Aziz Baikampady and his followers, that they should apologize for their acts and their false allegations on me within a week-if not I will take further action by lodging a complaint and take this matter legally through court proceedings”.

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