Mangaluru: Dr B L Shankar’s talk on ‘Parliamentary systems and challenges’ at Sahyadri

Mangaluru: Dr B L Shankar, Vice President, Kamataka Pradesh Congress Committee and former Speaker Karnataka Legislative Council addressed the first year MBA students of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, on the topic ‘Parliamentary systems and challenges’. He stated that India is diversified with a number of castes, religions, languages, states and villages.


The Indian economy is the youngest economy in the world with 65% of the people falling under the age group of 18-45 years. He emphasized that India has a unique and the longest written constitution which has taken the strengths from USA, UK and other constitutions. India has seen progress of economy through industrial development, increased literacy rate, opportunities, technological advancements and educational institutions. He also highlighted the decentralization of powers to villagers in the form of Panchayats to encourage people’s participation in the democracy.

In his suggestions to improve the parliament system in India, he stated that voting should be made compulsory and the educated class should cast their vote, there should be a fixed term for assembly and fixed term for premium positions like the Chief Minister, Prime Minister, President and Vice President.

Chairman of Sahyadri group of educational institutions Dr Manjunath Bhandary, urged the students to actively participate in the voting process and create public awareness of the democratic process. He urged the students and said that, as MBAs it is their responsibility and accountability to share and express the feedback with the political system to ensure that we grow as a nation.

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