Mangaluru: Dr Roshan Shetty performs a Rare Surgery-Gives New Lease of Life to a 70 Year Old Lady

Mangaluru: Dr Roshan Shetty along with a team of doctors from City hospital-Kadri, Mangaluru have granted a new lease of life to a 70 year old female patient by performing a very rare, unique and very complicated laparoscopic surgery recently which is reported to be first of its kind in the medical history of coastal Karnataka. It is learnt that a 70 year old lady patient from Chikmagaluru had approached eminent consultant surgical gastroenterologist Dr. Roshan Shetty and complained about the acute drowsiness, weakness, and discomfort followed by diarrhoea with frequent blood discharge along with compromised cardiac function.


Dr.Shetty subjected her to thorough clinical evaluation and detailed radiological investigation which revealed that the lady is ailing from life threatening rectal cancer which is in the initial stages, which warranted a major surgery. Since her existing general health condition prevented a major surgical procedure through abdomen and under general anaesthesia, more over the patient recently underwent joint replacement surgery also, therefore the health condition of the patient was very serious and very complicated in nature.

However Dr. Shetty swung into action and formed a team of expert doctors and subjected her to a very innovative surgical procedure called “Trans Anal Minimal Invasive Surgery (TAMIS)” of 2 hours duration successfully which is first of its kind to be performed in the medical history of coastal Karnataka. The cancerous tumour was removed completely through Anus applying minimal invasive technology by administering regional anaesthesia.

The patient responded well to the surgical treatment and recuperated very speedily and was discharged after two days after referring and reviewing the histopathology report (Biopsy) which revealed the successful curative treatment. She is leading a normal life in her native place and expressed her gratitude to all the Doctors who have performed the successful surgery and relieved the acute pain.

Dr. Bhaskar Shetty General Surgeon, Dr. Kishan Shetty -anaesthesiologist assisted in the surgery.

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