Mangaluru:  Duo Japanese Engineers Talk on ‘Infrastructure Development of Harnessing Renewable Energy’

Mangaluru: During the valedictory bash of Techno-Week-2015 organized by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (ACCE) as part of “Engineers Day” Celebrations at Hotel Ocean Pearl recently, two resource persons who had come all the way from Japan namely- Prof. (Dr) Kazuhiro Iijima, Doctorate from University of Osaka-Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (Osaka University, Japan); and Prof.(Dr) Hiromichi Akimoto-Doctorate from University of Tokyo, Centre of the Advancement of Research and Education Exchange Networks in Asia (Caren)-Osaka University-Japan, spoke on “Infrastructure Development of Harnessing Renewable Energy” through power-point presentation which was highly applauded by the gathering.


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  1. Japanese connection is a valuable connection for Mangalore. The Japanese know how to transform small towns into major Cities. Japanese are specialized in the mobility systems, and also the roadway system. Japanese are hard working people and know how to deal with the rest of the world. Japanese are low profile people, and they mean what they say and will live up to their word. Best of luck

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