Mangaluru: Employer Borrows in Employee’s Name, Cheats Him of Rs 12 Lakh

Mangaluru: Abubaker Siddiq, who was employed by Lakshmikant N in a firm called BillmailID, has accused the latter of cheating him to the tune of Rs 12 lakh.
The firm operated from Raj Complex in Bikarnakatte in the city. Upon his appointment with effect from May 2013, Siddiq was asked to join at a salary of Rs 20,000 per month.
Once he joined, Lakshmikant convince him that the firm had to expand in a big way and funds were required for it. He is said to have tricked the employee into signing loan papers of different banks and finance firms to the extent of Rs 11 lakh. He had promised Siddiq that he would repay the monthly loan instalments himself.
Leave alone paying the loan instalments, Lakshmikant did not even pay him the salary from the very first month onwards. He is said to have absconded after cheating him.
In all, Lakshmikant is said to cheated Siddiq of Rs 12 lakh by way of bank borrowers of Rs 11 lakh and salary arrears of Rs 1 lakh, according to his complaint to the Kadri police station. Siddiq has also said that Lakshmikant had cheated 20 other employees in similar fashion.


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