Mangaluru: Every District to Get 10-bed ICU with ventilator facilities – Minister Khader

Mangaluru: Health and Family Welfare minister U T Khader held a press meet at the Circuit House here, on November 17.


Addressing the mediapersons, Khader said that there is a shortage of ventilators in government hospitals in the state. “In the Bengaluru Municipality limits, hospitals are facing problems due to the lack of sufficient ventilators and ICU facilities due to which there are chances of shifting patients to other hospitals.” He further said that the Health and Family Welfare Ministry is committed to establishing a 10-bed ICU with ventilator facilities in all district hospitals and in 25 taluk hospitals. “The state government has already sanctioned Rs 22.37 crore and the cabinet also approved the project. Soon, the ICU with ventilator facilities will be available in all the district hospitals.”


He also said that the ICU block of Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health will be upgraded at a cost or Rs 10 crore. There is a plan to start an MRI and Imaging Centre in the Wenlock and within two weeks the imaging centre will start functioning, he added.

When asked about his views on the celebration of Tipu Jayanti and the consequent communal fights which erupted in the district, Khader said that Tipu was a freedom fighter and the Minority Department celebrated Tipu Jayanti from the funds which were granted by the government. He also said, “The Muslim community did not benefit in any way by celebrating Tipu Jayanti. Tipu is considered a freedom fighter. People of all religions should take part in Tipu Jayanti and celebrate it.”

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When asked on why the government did not hold any meetings or invite all the community leaders in every district to discuss about Tipu Jayanti before celebrating it and in addition, its decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti even in sensitive districts where there was strong opposition, Khader replied that there was a demand for the celebration from the Minority ministry and the government had sanctioned Rs 25000 to every taluk and Rs 50,000 to every district.

Khader was made aware of the allegations that the police were more eager to shut down the shops on November 13 than the organizations that had called for the bandh. The organization had only called for Rasta Roko but the district administration imposed Section 144 in the district. The government also decided to celebrate Tipu Jayanti on November 10, on the day of Diwali while Tipu’s birth date was November 20. Replying to these statements, Khader assured to discuss about the matter with the concerned authorities.


When asked about the law and order problem in Ullal, Khader said that some anti-social elements tried to spoil the peace in Ullal. “In Ullal, the people are united and they do not encourage any communal fights. The law and order situation in Ullal is under control and people are leading a normal life,” he added.

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