Mangaluru: First Offered Lift, Then ‘Dropped’ off – Man Robbed of Gold Chain by Stranger

Mangaluru: All this time, women and little children were being advised against accepting offers of lift by vehicle from strangers. Now on it could apply to menfolk also.

Ashwin was waiting for a bus near the Mahaveer (Pumpwell) by the side of the highway leading to Thokkottu around 2 pm on Friday. An Alto car stopped by and the man at the wheel asked him where he wanted to go. He replied that he was on his way to Badiyadka.

The stranger said that he too was going to Badiyadka and offered to take him. As the man appeared decent and sounded helpful, Ashwin accepted the offer and got into the car.

When the car reached Kotekar-Beeri junction, the man drove towards Madoor junction. There he stopped the car, snatched a 3-sovereign gold chain from Ashwin. Thereafter he dropped him off by pushing him out and sped away.

A complaint has been filed in the Ullal police station in this regard.

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