Mangaluru: Five Fishermen Rescued from Fishing Boat on Verge of Sinking

Mangaluru: In a well-coordinated joint operation led by the Panambur-based Coast Guard and assisted by the coastal police and the old port personnel, five fishermen from Lakshadweep were rescued from a fishing boat which was on the verge of sinking.

The 60-foot-long boat ‘Rabsi’ had sailed off the old port in Bunder toward Lakshadweep. On Saturday, its bottom is said to have hit the wreckage of an old sunken ship.

Water began seeping in. The crew flashed a distress message to the Coast Guard in Karavatti in Lakshadweep.

A message was also received by the Coast Guard in the city, the coastal police and the old port officials. By that time, the engine of the boat had been surrounded by water and the craft could sink anytime.

Coast Guard ICGS C-410 rescue vessel and MB Salamati pilot boat from the old port made a dash to the spot, said to be located off Someshwar coast at a distance of 6 nautical miles.

They rescued Sadiq, Shoaib, Abdul Razaq, Hussein Ali and Ameer Khan Ali, all from Lakshadweep. Old port sources said that the stranded boat was tugged to the old port by using MB Salamati.

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