Mangaluru: For Once, Speaker Kagodu Showers Praise on Minister Khader

Mangaluru: Assembly speaker Kagodu Thimmappa, although coming from a Congress background, has gone on record in taking his former colleagues who are currently in the state cabinet to task quite often on the floor of the assembly or in public speeches.

Health and family welfare minister U T Khader was his target on a few occasions. However, during a visit to city to take part in a few programmes, Thimmappa had high praise for the minister. He said that Khader had energetically taken some innovative steps and introduced schemes for the benefit of the people.

During the inauguration of the renovated hemodialysis unit at Wenlock hospital, the speaker said that the chief minister had entrusted the health portfolio to an educated an young person.

He agreed that he had criticised the minister in the past but he had responded by taking corrective measures.

The mutual admiration was complete as Khader too said that he would consider Thimmappa, who had earlier served as health minister, as the ambassador of the department of health because he kept cautioning whenever anything had gone wrong.

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