Beltangady: Gang of 4 Barges into Station, Flashes Firearm and Threatens Cops

Mangaluru: As the staff were engaged in their daily duties in the town police station on Thursday around noon, a shocking episode unnerved them all of a sudden.

There was no provocation nor any obvious reason for the four persons who suddenly barged into the station. They began speaking in foul language and asked for the officers in charge. When the cops on duty wanted to know who they were, they dropped names of top police officials Om Prakash and Basha Saheb and also of Meera Saxena IAS.

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They told the cops that they would soon get phone calls from the top officials and then their identities would be known. The leader of the gang claimed to be a human rights activists, heading a national-level federation. He drew out a revolver from his pocket and pointed at the head of one of the constables.

The police managed to overpower them with the help of the public. The four intruders have been identified as Dayananda B (37), a textile dealer from Hassan who claims to the the head of the human rights organization, Ravi (40) of Rajapur Road in Hassan, Ranganath Bhat (46) of Hotel Shri Krishna, B M Road, Hassan and Basavaraj Kodachi (27) of Sadashivanagar, Belagavi.

The revolver and a Swift car used by them have been seized by the police.

How persons from distance places ganged up and why they targeted the Beltangady station, wthether they wanted to create any fresh tension in the district after the recent incidents – these are among the angles the police are looking into.


  1. This is very bizarre and funny at the same time!! LOL Straight from a comedy skit!! Who would go flashing weapons right into a Police station, point gun to a cop and then get caught ? Hilarious!! Do you think this was influenced by ‘somarasa’ ? LOL LOL

  2. In the gold smuggling in MIA no names mentioned but here names mentioned. This shows how the congi govt. bends backward to a particular group.

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