Mangaluru: Ganja Worth Rs 45,000 Seized from Dambel – 2 Involved Escape Arrest

Mangaluru: The excise officials from the city raided a hideout near a minor bridge connecting Dambel and Bangrakulur across river Phalguni and seized ganja valued at Rs 45,000 in illegal market.

An autorickshaw used by two cuplrits was left behind by them while escaping. The vehicle is valued at Rs 1.50 lakh.

The men have been identified as auto driver Sooraj aka Soori and its owner Raghuram of Kuppepadavu.

A search for them is in progress.

Suratkal news

In another operation, the Panambur police arrested three ganja-peddlers from Angaragundi near Baikampady.


Three persons, Rahim aka ‘Chappetanni’ Rahim from Bengare, Siraj aka Siru from Maripalla and Rahim from Angaragundi were found possessing ganja worth Rs 18,000 and trying to peddle it.

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