Mangaluru: Girl Student Gone Missing from Naguri Found Looking for Job in Mallikatta

Mangaluru: A 13-year-old girl student from Naguri had gone missing from Naguri on July 20.

She is the daughter of a migrant worker couple from Bagalkot. She was to attend a tuition class in Naguri. She did not return home but her school bag and uniform were found abandoned.

This had created a fear that she might have been kidnapped. But a CCTV camera installed in Naguri showed her entering a nearby building in school uniform and leaving it after some time in her normal dress. This confirmed that it was her intention to leave her home.

Late in the same evening, a girl was found going from door to door in Mallikatta asking for a job. On enquiries, she said that her parents hailed from Bagalkot and both had died. She seems to create sympathy by giving the story of an orphan.

One of the homemakers whom she approached grew suspicious and informed the Childline. Sampatkatti and Assumpta of the Childline team arrived and took custody of the girl and handed her over to the child welfare committee.

As a photograph of a girl missing from Naguri earlier in the day had been publicized in the media, she was found to be the same girl. The CWC is in the process of taking further steps.

Amazement has been expressed at the way a 13-year-old girl planned to leave home and cook up the story of being an orphan to gain sympathy to get a job. Lack of parental attention might have made her to take this step, the police said.

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