Mangaluru: Gold Chain Worth Rs 45,000 from Child Snatched during Kudroli Temple Festival

Mangaluru: The popular Mangaluru Dasara festival is in progress at Shri Gokarnanaheshwara temple in Kudroli now.
Thousands of tourists and visitors turn up at the venue every day and night. On Wednesday,  Sitesh Chandra Govinda and family had arrived there. After visiting the temple, they were watching the cultural programmes.
Their children, 8-year-old Diya and 18-month-old Niya, kept playing at a distance. When they rejoined the parents, a gold chain of 2 sovereign, valued at Rs 45,000, worn by Niya was missing.
Miscreants are said to have snatched the chain. A complaint to this effect has been filed at the Bunder police station.

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