Mangaluru: Happening Over and Over! Yet Another Chain-snatching Incident in Kadri

Mangaluru: This is the third incident of its kind to have taken place within a kilometre radius in Kadri in a month.

Leelavati S Kattige (51), a resident of Kadri, lost her 32-gm gold chain worth Rs 75,000 to snatchers near the Kadri ground on the temple road in the early hours of Sunday, May 31. She was out on her morning walk and also to bring milk from the booth around 6-30 am.

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As she was at the downhill in front of the Shri Krishna Seva Samiti building, two young men arrived and snatched her gold chain from her neck and sped away. She had filed a complaint at the Kadri police station. She says she has the image of the two persons etched in her mind and can identify them anytime.

The Kadri police have cautioned women against wearing expensive ornaments while walking alone in less populated areas.

Many residents have expressed surprise over the practice of senior women wearing gold while going on walk early in the morning or late in the evening. Gold prices are soaring and the evil eyes of miscreants are focused on women wearing gold on avoidable occasions. They could always go for imitation jewellery, if they must, when going for walks, they said.

These incidents have been recurring in spite of repeated media reports and caution issued by the police.

Happening over and over…

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