Mangaluru: High Court Grants Stay on Appointments to Temple Committees in 2 Districts

Mangaluru: The state high court has granted a stay on new appointments to the managing committees in 181 temples in DK and Udupi districts. Exemption has been given to Kollur and Subrahmanya temples.

The order is said to be in view of the pending appeal in the supreme court seeking a uniform nationwide legislation for temple administration and the stay issued to the temples of northern Karnataka.

The temple committees under religious endowments had filed a plaint in the high court. In view of the stay issued on Tuesday, the temple committees in Perdoor, Mandarti, Mundkur, Neelavara, Uppunda, Kota Amriteshwari, Guddambadi, Kadiyali, Koteshwar and other temples will continue to function until further orders.

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