Mangaluru: Husband and Wife to Contest from Two Different Centres in TP Polls

Mangaluru: The taluk panchayat constituency of Manjanady has traditionally been a stronghold of the Congress party.

In the last elections that were held in 2011, Congress had won. Yet, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) had fielded its own candidate, Naushad Kalkatta. He mustered 759 votes and gave the Congress candidate a run for his money.

The votes he got was a surprise element. The SDPI proved that it was a force to be reckoned with in the present equations.

Although Naushad lost, he continued with touch with the common people ever since. He has now filed his nomination from Kinya-Talapady constituency as the SDPI candidate.

His entry would not affect the BJP. It is Congress which would lose its votes to him. This is something for Congress to worry about.

Unless Congress puts its heart and soul into campaigning, Naushad is likely to get more votes than the last time around. It may be an uphill task for Naushad to win the seat. But the better he performs, the easier for the BJP to have a cakewalk.

Inspired by the impressive breakthrough Naushad achieved in the previous round, his wife Sabina too decided to try her hand at the polls. She has been fielded by SDPI from Manjanady where her husband had contested from earlier.

Results of the polls from these two centres are likely to evoke a lot of interest.

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