Mangaluru: Indian Coast Guard Conducts Medical Evacuation

Mangaluru: The Indian Coast Guard undertook a daring medical evacuation of 61-year-old Borivoje Millinovic, a Montenegro national and the captain of merchant vessel MV RHL Constantia, off the coast of the city here, on November 27.

The Indian Coast Guard’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) had received an email from the vessel regarding the captain having high blood pressure and a possible heart failure. MV RHL Constantia was on route to Port Tanjung, Malaysia. MRCC Mumbai swung into action immediately.

MRCC Mumbai directed the Maritime Rescue Coordination Sub Centre (MRSC) in Mangaluru to coordinate the medevac as it was the nearest Indian Coast Guard Unit. MRCC Mumbai also asked the agent of the vessel M/s James Mackintosh and Co Pvt Ltd at New Mangalore Port to arrange for medical resources for an immediate evacuation.

MRSC Mangaluru established communication with the vessel and the district medical officer of the Coast Guard Karnataka provided medical advice over the VHF radio. Indian Coast Guard ship, Amartya was diverted to provide assistance to the vessel. The captain was then evacuated from the merchant vessel.

The patient was later transferred to the A J Hospital and Research Centre for further medical care and his condition is now stable. The evacuation was a surface transfer and no airlift was necessary.

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