Mangaluru: Jail Inmate Assaults Companion – Case Filed in Barke Station

Mangaluru: The frustration and restrictions in life behind bars appear to be taking their toll on the inmates.

Many young men, instead of leading decent lives and supporting their family and loved ones, nowadays land behind bars because of abetment to crime by others.

The frequent incidents in the district jail in the city stress the necessity of reformations in the jail system and make the inmates realize their offence and help them to turn over a new leaf in life.

Often the inmates pick up quarrels for petty reasons. In spite of the many steps taken by the jails department recently in the wake of a case of double murder within the premises earlier this month, a fight broke out between two among them on Nov 17.

As all of them were allowed to have breakfast, Muhammad Arif mocked a mate, Muhammad Iftiqar, regarding not having got a bail. Besides, he is said to have also abused him, hit him on his cheek and hands, besides scratching him in his neck.

A complaint in this matter has been filed at the Barke police station.

Mangaluru jail in the news for wrong reasons:

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