Mangaluru: Kavoor Murder Linked to Property Feud – Hunt on for Suspects from Neighbourhood

Mangaluru: Mohammed, a resident of Murva in Ambika Nagar of Kavoor in the city, was stabbed to death by a group on Wednesday night.

He had gone to visit a neighbour, Iqbal, around 8 pm and had not returned for quite some time. His wife had sent their son Mohammed Nasir to call him home. As Nasir was walking towards Iqbal’s house, he spotted his father being waylaid and assaulted by Nasir, Imran, Qalandar and others, who live in the same area.

As he lay injured, Mohiuddin Arif and Naufal, who were passing by, took Mohammed to a hospital in their bike. But he died of fatal injuries.

Mohammed Nasir, the son of the deceased, has filed a complaint in the Kavoor police station, alleging that Nasir, Imran and Qalandar and others had killed his father because of a land dispute.

The police are on the lookout for the accused.

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