Mangaluru: Khader Urges Youth to Stay away from All Communal Organizations

Mangaluru: In the wake of criticism that he and other ministers had failed to visit the family of a Bajrang Dal activist following his murder in Moodbidri recently, minister of health and family welfare U T Khader said here on Wednesday that he and his colleagues had always stayed away from communal forces.

He asserted that his party had not indulged in any politicking in communal clashes including the murder of Prashant. He was speaking to mediapersons in the city.

At the same time, he made an appeal to the youth of all communities not to identify themselves with communal elements. He explained that the murder of Prashant took place, minister Abhayachandra Jain was not in town. Both of them were together elsewhere. Yet, on receiving the news, Jain had spoken to the police officials to instruct them to arrest the culprits immediately.

On the contrary, Jain’s name was being needlessly dragged into the matter, with the charge that he was shielding the culprits. Khader pointed out that when a PFI worker was murdered in Marnabail, he and his colleagues had not visited his house.

In the case of killing of Kabir in an encounter, his party had not defended the allegations against him. But since he died at the hands of a government employee, the government had paid a suitable compensation to his family. Prashant’s murder was an aftermath of clashes between communal organizations, for which they were themselves responsible.

Khader also recalled that when the late home minister Dr V S Acharya wanted to ban KFD/PFI in the state, there was opposition to it. He wanted to know why the BJP and the the SDPI, the political wing of the PFI, came to an understanding to defeat Congress at the time of elections but were now at loggerheads.

He stressed that it was the BJP and not Congress which had benefited from the PFI.

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