Mangaluru: KMC Hospital Attavar to hold Awareness Programme on Dementia

Mangaluru: Dementia is a general term used to indicate that a person has developed difficulties with reasoning, judgment, and memory. People who have dementia usually have some memory loss and difficulty with at least one other area, such as:

Speaking or writing coherently (or understanding what is said or written)

Recognizing familiar surroundings

Planning and carrying out multi-step tasks

In order to be considered as dementia these changes must be severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily activities.

Department of Psychiatry KMC Hospital Attavar will hold an Awareness Programme on “Dementia” on 11 February from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm at the Sanjivini Hall 7th floor.

There will be a Guest lecture by specialists on “Dementia – the clinical perspectives”, “Prevention of fall and role of Exercise” and “Psychosocial Management of Dementia”. The Psychosocial issues and other related issues will be discussed by a team of expert doctors from KMC Mangaluru.

All those interested and Senior citizens of Mangaluru should avail the benefits of this programme. Kindly register your names before February 10th.

Contact for Registration: +91 824 2445858- ext. 5406, 5335, 5336.

Dr Anand Venugopal Medical Superintendent, KMC Hospital Attavar has requested the public to make use this programme.

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