Mangaluru: KMC-Nava Chaitanya Seniors Appreciate ‘Team Mangalorean’ for Love/Support at R-Day Bash

Mangaluru: “Ageing is not ‘lost youth’, but a new stage of opportunity and strength”- Betty Freidman; ” Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter”- Mark Twain; “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”- Henry Ford-these thought-provoking quotes by eminent persons show that there is no age limit when you are capable of having some fun and want to party. Imagine a 80 year old lady swinging her body, and a couple other grandmas/grandpas lifting their legs and shaking their hips to few popular Bollywood tunes. Imagine a teeth-less 79 year-old “young damsel” singing and enthralling the audience with her best solo performance, all that and much more talents were unleashed at the Kasturba Medical College Nava Chaitanya Republic Day Celebrations held on Tuesday 26 January 2016 at KMC-Sushrutha Hall, Attavar from 10 am onwards. These Vintage Revellers” simply rocked and enthralled the audience.

01-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya 02-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-001

Everyone celebrates India’s Republic Day, but here at KMC-Nava Chaitanya, there is a Difference. The Elders as Young as 87 years like Ms.Vaniamma and Aunty Pauline- Dance, Sing, Act, Joke and Thrill you with no end. A rare and emotional Republic Day 2016 was celebrated with zest and energy by the “Young elders” of KMC -Nava Chaitanya during the Republic day bash organized by KMC-Nava Chaitanya in association with Lions Club-Kadri Hills. The energetic “Youth” ranging from 60 years to 85 years in age ,rejoiced with radiant inner energy.They danced, sang, joked, recited freedom poems, and performed skits, putting the teenagers way behind. The credit for all the activeness of all these grandmas and grandpas should go to Dr.Prabha Adhikari, Head of Geriatrics,KMC, who is also the founder of KMC -Nava Chaitanya and the Soul of the movement – Indeed a health promoting group for senior citizens.

Yes, the Seniors know how to be punctual – An energetic gathering of Seniors of Nava Chaitanya and Abhaya Ashrama assembled at the Hall in time, and the programme began at 10 am sharp with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song rendered by Mrs Rita Rodrigues and group, followed by welcome address by Zahid Hussain Baji- the inauguration of the programme by lighting the lamp was done by Chief Guest-Dr. Keshava Pai-Professor and HOD-Psychiatry, KMC, along with other dignitaries on the dais namely Dr.Prabha Adhikari- Director, KMC- Nava Chaitanya, Er Jeradin D’Souza- Founder of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, Lion (Mrs) Pooja G Pai-President, Lions Club-Kadri Hills, Zahid Hussain Baji-President-Nava Chaitanya and KN Manjunath-Secretary, Nava Chaitanya.

2 03-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-002 04-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-003 05-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-004

Addressing the gathering Dr.Keshava Pai said that he was unnerved in the presence of huge achievers to be the chief guest , yet would love to grow old with these members. He complimented the yeoman service and care that is provided by KMC Chaitanya to its members, who are able to keep their life healthy through exercises and diet. He also had words of praises towards Jerardin D’Souza-the man behind in forming the Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, who also works hard to keep the senior citizens happy, and care for their healthy life, basically given them a new life.

Dr.Prabha Adhikari, being humble, said that earlier being 60 and healthy without disease was the target, now being 80 and independent without disease is the target, reaching 100 with no support or dependency is the goal of Active Ageing ” she declared. Dr Prabha who also assists KMC Chaitanya said that the organization was started to provide health benefits for senior citizens, and presently around 900 senior citizens are regularly exercising at Bejai, Attavar and Kodialbail centres. The centres also organize free health check-up camps for members every month. Around 80% of Indian senior citizens suffer chronic diseases whereas around 30 % suffer one or the other diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes. She urged everyone to dance on stage to show unity and energy. Everyone danced as “much as they could ” and in sheer fun; and India’s Republic Day fun was celebrated in all its dimensions.

06-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-005 08-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-007 09-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-008

”What cant be cured has to be endured”, but in Alzheimer’s Affected, the Family and Care givers have to Endure and Learn to endure more. Alzheimer’s is responsible for 50 to 60% of the Memory loss disease in the various forms of Dementia and taking care of diabetes , Alcoholic dementia etc ,can help. We Can Surely Hope for better Service and Awareness on this Lesser Known Affliction that is “”ALZHEIMERS” , and the doors of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association is always open to anyone who needs help and advice-call us and we will be happy to enroll you as a member and give our best service ” said Jerardin D’souza,the Managing Trustee of “Spandhana –We Care” Charitable Trust; and Founder of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, while addressing the senior citizens.

Er.Jerardin D’souza stated that it was not the time for him to lecture on ‘Alzhiemer’s’ rather it was the time to celebrate watching the Elders perform and display their dormant talent. He acknowledged and praised Dr.Prabha Adhikari for being the Force, A true Leader, behind KMC-Nava Chaitanya, for a thunderous applause. “And Alfie of is always a special guest who has brought KMC-Nava Chaitanya close to Everyones heart by his reporting from the Heart and always poses with his ”Girl Friend” Pauline Aunty 89yr young -we should be thankful to the team of who has always supported the Seniors activities by giving wide publicity” added Jerardin.

Lion Pooja G Pai praised KMC Nava-Chaitanya for their care and love towards the seniors, and assured full support from Lions Club in their future activities. Alzheimer’s (Maravu Roga) Care Givers Guide – a handbook translated from English to Kannada by B.T.Salian and his wife Dr.Anusuya Salian was also released during the occasion by Dr.Keshav Pai, HOD,, KMC, Jerardin D’souza,Founder, Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association MAA, and Dr.Prabha Adhikari,-Founder- KMC Nava Chaitanya. The vote of thanks was proposed by KN Manjunath, while the programme was compered by Rita Rodrigues and Surendra Bekal. Following the formal programme, the cultural entertainment kicked-off with various performances in the form of singing, dancing and skit showcased by the members of Chaitanya. Kudos should go to Narmada- a ECG Technician at KMC Attavar for her excellent choreography and direction in getting these “artists” give their best performances. A job well done, Narmada! With a 10 mins non-stop baila session, the rare and energetic celebrations, cutting across all divides halted after devoutly and proudly singing the national anthem.

10-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-009 11-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-010 12-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-011 14-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-013

The cultural programme comprised of old songs by SA Rahman and MS Kamath; Dance by Vani Amma and party; Ashta Laxmi performance by Kusuma and party; a patriotic song by Vishalakshi Hegde; Seragina Mahime- a skit by Nava Chaitanya-Bejai; Violin solo by Rita Pinto; Dance by Emilda Saldanha and Honora Pereira; Jokes by KN Manjunath; Skit by BT Salian and Dr Anasuya Salian; Dance by Jayashree Bhat; Poem by Lilly Veigas; Dance by Spoorthi group; Patriotic song by SA Rahman and Varada Pai; and Dance by Kusuma and party.

Quoting Ralph Martson, “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality. It is in recognition of humanity. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it”. I was really touched and felt honored when I was called on stage by Dr Prabha Adhikari and felicitated with a flower and memento for my contribution through the years towards Nava Chaitanya and the beloved Seniors through my wide coverage and articles pertaining to their life and activities. Team Mangalorean was also thanked by the organization for the support and encouragement all these years towards Nava Chaitanya.

Gratitude is the best attitude. There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude. It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance. Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. I want to let others know that we reporters/media people are doing a favor to you in covering your events, thereby spreading the message/news throughout the world- and in response a small thank you or a kind appreciation from your side will mean a lot to us. But the sad part is that, as I have experienced, not many reciprocate our service with words of wisdom or gratitude. But what Nava Chaitanya did today will be appreciated by me and Team Mangalorean always.

107-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-006 13-KMC-Nava-Chaitanya-012

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” Indeed, appreciation comes when you feel grateful from the depths of your heart. The head keeps an account of all the benefits you received and gave. But the heart records the feelings of appreciation, humility, and generosity that one feels when someone showers you with kindness. Even a small act of kindness deserves a ‘thanks.’ You cannot weigh the nobility of the act against intentions to decide whether or not to show your gratitude. In the words of Alfred Painter, ” Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.”

All I have to say is that, “Sometimes, you cannot repay the debt of gratitude. You simply have to acknowledge the generous act with a humble heart. You can say “thanks” or even present a gift of appreciation, but your tokens of love cannot measure up to the kindness you received. If you have been touched by some one’s generosity, you can do a good turn to another. Your words of appreciation should emerge from the depth of your heart. Your body language should communicate your heartfelt gratitude. A smile can communicate gratitude, so can a nod. In some cultures, people express their thanks with folded hands as if in prayer. Speak with humility, and love, and you will win hearts. Remind others about the importance of expressing gratitude. A word of appreciation can have far-reaching effect. So to Dr Prabha Adhikari, Smt Devi Prada, and board members/members of Nava Chaitanya, I say a big thank you for recognizing my love and support towards the seniors by felicitating me during the occasion. It meant a lot to me receiving this appreciation amidst seniors, who stood and applauded my contribution towards Nava Chaitanya. God bless you all!

In conclusion, in today’s civilized social structure, it is disturbing to see a trend of senior citizens being deprived of their comforts, particularly by children being indifferent to their aged parents at a time when the parents need parental care most. It is to look after such orphaned aged persons and also those senior citizens who need help managing their health, that some service-minded organizations like KMC Chaitanya and Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association have come forward to render their yeoman service in giving comfort, advice and love to these old-age citizens. I was very much touched by mingling and communicating with many of these senior citizens, sharing their views and news, which also brought back memories of my beloved parents who left for their Heavenly abode, due to old-age years back. I end this column with a witty poem on “Tension” read by Mrs Lilly Veigas of Nava Chaitanya during the cultural programme-

” The moment you are in ‘Tension’, you will lose your ‘Attention’.
Then you are in total ‘Confusion’, And you will feel ‘Irritation’.
Then you will spoil your personal ‘Relation’. Ultimately you won’t get ‘Co-operation’.
Then your BP will rise-“CAUTION”. Instead understand the ‘Situation’.
And try to think about a ‘Solution’. And do not think it’s free ‘Suggestion’.
It is only for your ‘Prevention’. If you understand my ‘Intention’.
You will never encounter anymore ‘Tension’.

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  1. Thank you Dear Alfie for an excellent report on the Republic day celebrations–You have been very supportive and caring towards the Seniors–we appreciate your humbleness. May God bless you and everyone at

    Keep supporting the Seniors in future too-with fond regards and appreciation on behalf of bunch of Nava Chaitanya members.

  2. Thank you Mangalorean Team and Mr Alfy D’Souza for a elaborate report on Republic Day celebration- and also for all the reports on our activities in the past. we look forward for your support and encouragement during 2016. May God bless you all

  3. WHAT A REPORT…??? STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART….DEAR ALFIE…, MAA Mangalore Alzheimer’s Associationand KMC Nava Chaitanya are ever so Happy with you. YOU are Family. Your deeply touched sentiment touched all of us. It was truly Heart Felt Thanks from Dr.Prabha Adhikari, who was ever so grateful and appreciative of your continuous patronage.This OLD PEOPLES PROGRAM, Its a Non Lucrative Place in todays commercial equation. We appreciate Dear Violet Madam, for Support Always without commercial angle.. MAA mails this news worldover and OUR will be read by our Friends all over the World. Your coverage is very personal , with rich quotes and anecdotes suiting the moment.
    It has been a thorough in-depth coverage, not just reporting. Beautiful ALFIE –OUR -SUPER STAR –Other STARS Dont Matter to us….You are Our STAR of LOVE….YOU MATTER ALWAYS…..On Behalf of All –We Salute and Thank You for rushing from your Duty in Kottayam….YES…JAI HO–ALFIE ALWAYS and and Violet Madam ki JAI…

  4. Kudos to Dr Prabha Adhikari for her initiative in starting KMC Nava Chaitanya to care for the elders, thereby keep them busy with activities to overcome their old-age depression. Kudos also to Jeradin Dsouza for founding the Mangalore Alzheimer’s Assn- May God bless these two great people who have shown tremendous love and care towards the elderly folks.

  5. May you find some joy in knowing that growing old isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. You are surely not old when you can do what the youth can do. Enjoy old age to the best of your ability. Long live the seniors.

    Thanks team mangalorean for your regular concern towards the elderly people-you will be truly blessed. Special mention of thanks to Mr Alfi D’souza for putting his heart and soul in bringing awareness about caring for the elders through his emotional, sensitive and informative articles- You deserved to be felicitated by these seniors and Nava Chaitanya. Thank you for standing behind the elederly community.

  6. Senior citizens deserve to enjoy their evenings of life. To make it happen is great and wonderful work. Great work by the group. Would like to hear and participate in such activities.

  7. Superb coverage as always by dear Alfie Sir–Thank you. You lighten up our day with your beautiful articles-keep up the good work that you are entrusted with. May you continue to show your support in future too. Long live nava Chaitanya.

  8. As per the quote in the Bible”Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you”-Isaiah

    My grandma lived a healthy life until she passed away at the age of 98-Long live the Seniors. I compliment KMC Nava Chaitanya for taking care of the elders.

  9. Thank you Mangalorean Team and Mr Alfy D’Souza for encouraging us to perform in front of a big and enthusiastic crowd,
    being the member of nava chaitnya, my sincere thanks to the mangolorean team.

  10. Although I am not used to computer-but my grand-daughter always prints out the reports that appear in about the activities and celebrations that take place organized by Nava Chaitanya- and I would like to thank Alfi Sir for his beautiful articles on seniors. I was in the audience during Republic Day celebrations, and I was happy that Dr Prabha Adikari and Devi Prada recognized the contribution of Dsouza towards the seniors by giving him a gift and rose- he surely deserved it. A very humble, friendly person, courteous and loving person like Alfy Dsouza deserve this recognition.

    Also thank Jeradin Dsouza for introducing Alfie and team into our senior family-you all mean a lot to us.
    Beautiful photos and good report on Republic day celebration-thank you, people are awesome.

  11. Thanks to Managalorean .com ,our young old artists of KMC Nava Chaitanya and Abhaya Ashraya are in the lime light .Thanks Alfy and Thanks jeradin for the great job .Great article Great coverage.

  12. Thanks to Mr.Alfy D’Souza & to for respecting me soo much & posting my poem in your website , A heartfelt thanks & my gratitude to u.

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