Mangaluru: KMF Reverts Colour Scheme of Curd Packets

Mangaluru: The Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (KMF) had changed the colour scheme of its Nandini Curd packets to blue. The company faced wrath from the consumers for doing so.

The consumers in Karnataka were accustomed to a colour scheme of chocolate-yellow. The confusion had escalated as one more product of KMF, Nandini skimmed milk also comes in blue packets. Many consumers were picking the curd packets instead of milk packets and vice-versa. The confusion affected the distributors and delivery boys as well, who delivered wrong products.

A source from KMF said that they had experimented on the new colour scheme as it was a success in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.

Now, the milk cooperative has reverted to the original colour scheme of chocolate-yellow. The customers in coastal Karnataka and parts of Bengaluru began receiving the packets in original colour scheme from Friday. However, the unions have been asked to exhaust the blue polythene films before reverting back to the earlier colour scheme.

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