Mangaluru: Kori Rotti And Xacuti! Ethnic Food Stalls to be introduced on Konkan Rail Route

Mangaluru: According to press release from Konkan Railway, it has decided to open ethnic food stalls on all major railway stations on Konkan Rail route. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has already issued instructions to explore the possibility of serving ethnic food on Konkan Rail route, as it would help promote local products of self-help groups.


Tenders are invited from reputed catering firms to serve traditional ethnic food on major stations of Konkan Rail route. Date to submit the tender starts from 3 September. Based on the outcome of the tender proceedings, the Konkan Railway will be able to fulfil its objective of serving ethnic food to train passengers. Konkan Railway traverses through Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.


Once the tenders are approved, Konkan Railway will be able to fulfil the long cherished dream of serving ethnic food as a delicacy to its esteemed passengers travelling on Konkan Railway Route for their delight . This will go a long way in providing customer satisfaction to its esteemed passengers on Konkan Railway Route . This will also generate more employment to the people on its route , apart from promoting their local products and delicancies.

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