Mangaluru: Kozhikode Man Arriving from Mumbai Abducted and Looted of Rs 25 Lakh

Mangaluru: In a shocking incident, a man arriving from Mumbai by train was abducted from near the Mangaluru junction station near Padil last week.

Zubair (26), hailing from Kozhikode in Kerala, had alighted from a train from Mumbai and was walking towards a boarding point to catch a bus.

Four persons reportedly arrived in a Mahindra Bolero car and forcibly put him in it. Then they drove him in Bantwal direction. After dropping him at Maripalla past Farangipet, they drove away.

The incident took place on Dec 9, yet a complaint was filed as late as Saturday, Dec 12 evening. He was to deliver the amount, which had been given by his employer to a person in Mangaluru, he has stated in his complaint to the police.

Further details are not known. The rural police at Maroli have registered a case.


  1. The man was carrying 25 lakhs in cash and was to deliver the cash to a unknown person in Mangaluru. The case needs further investigation as who the mystery people involved in these cash transactions are. Employer entrusting such a huge amount to a employee who was traveling in a train! Labor management relations at its peak!!

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