Mangaluru: Lorry Topples at Kuntikan – Passersby Go ‘Nuts’ over Load Splashed around

Mangaluru: A lorry laden with processed cashew kernels toppled on the national highway at Kuntikan on Monday evening.

Most of the load was splashed by the side of the road and around. Traffic was disrupted for over an hour and a half. But that was also caused by the scramble by the passersby and the crowd that gathered to take advantage of the situation and grab whatever they could.

The driver and others in the cabin escaped with minor bruises, said the police. The lorry was moved to a side with the help of a mechanical crane and the traffic was cleared.

There have been several such incidents earlier. When mishaps occur and the useful things laden in the vehicle get spilled over, the first concern of the passersby is making a grab and not helping the victims involved.

Making the best use of the ‘opportunity’:

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