Mangaluru: Major Fire Breaks out at Bhagyajyoti Wood Industry at Konchady

Mangaluru: Major fire broke out at Bhagyajyoti wood Industry at Konchady here on February 1.

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According  to  the  employees who were working at the wood industry, they were busy welding  the metal roof. All of a sudden they saw the fire in the wood pieces stored nearby. They  immediately informed the authorities. The fire service was also informed, the fire brigades from Kadri immediately rushed to the spot and doused the fire.

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Speaking to a local said that, Bhagyajyothi Wood industries belongs to Lakshman Devadiga has been operating in the place since many years. This year they had renovated the building and the electric welding of the roof was going on. The reason for the fire is yet to be ascertained.  The children from Vidya Nursery school, Vidya High School were vacated immediately from the school building as a precautionary measure as the school authorities were informed when the fire started in the adjacent building.

The window panes and door glasses of the neighbouring offices were damaged due to fire.

Speaking to one of the fire brigade personnel from Kadri Fire station said that at around 1:10 pm we received a telephone call about the fire at Konchady. Immediately within 10 minutes we reached the spot and doused the fire.

According to Lakshman Devadiga the estimated loss is about Rs 20 to 25 lakh since all the new furniture and machines have been gutted in fire.

A case has been registered in the Kavoor police station.

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