Mangaluru: Makara Sankramana – Constellation and Planets observation

Mangaluru: On the occasion of Makara Sankramana, for Identification of Constellations, Understanding meaning of Sankramana and Observing planets, the Amateur Astronomers’ Association of Mangalore, has organized a Sky Watch at the terrace of “Spoorthi Complex” (opposite Cordel Hall), Kulshekar, Mangalore.

As a part of this activity, on Thursday 14-01-2016 after sunset upto 11.00 pm, identification of constellations and observation of planet Jupiter and on Friday 15-01-2016 before sunrise from 5.00 am, identification of constellations and observation of planets Venus and Saturn will be arranged as stated by Prof. H Jayantha in the press note. All those interested are invited to participate.

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