Mangaluru: Man who Killed Mother Gets Life Term and Ordered to Pay Penalty

Mangaluru: The district and sessions court judge Uma M G has handed out a lifetime jail term and a penalty of Rs 5,000 to Dombayya Poojary (53) of Kundadka Pilinja in Vittal Mudnur village of Bantwal taluk, who was facing a charge of murdering his mother in 2013.

Failure to pay the fine would make him liable to undergo an additional six months’ simple imprisonment.

Poojary had been accused of battering his mother with clubs made of palm branch and critically injured her in the hands head, cheek and feet. He was addicted to alcohol and kept physically harassing his mother, wife and children.

He had a grouse against his mother Sankamma (76) that she did not take up employment and earn money. On the other hand, while he was the sole breadwinner, he used to squander money on drinks..

Before killing his mother, he had sent his children out on some pretext and after committing the act, had spent the night on a nearby hillock. Next morning, he brought the mother’s body inside the house and placed it in such a way that the neighbours would believe it was a natural death.

His wife is by second marriage. His first wife, from whom she had four children, had left him because of his alcoholism. He has two male children from the second wife.

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