Mangaluru: A Golden Month! MIA Customs Seize Gold Worth Rs 1.5 crore

Mangaluru: According to the press release submitted by Dr M Subramanyam – Commissioner of Customs, the officers of Customs at Mangalore International Airport seized contraband gold about 5.5 Kgs valued over Rs. 1.57 crores during the last month.

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The smuggled contraband was found concealed in items like tiger balm bottles, oats tins, mobile phone cases, power banks, solar power inverter, iron box etc.The detection this month were in contrast to the usual modes of concealment in items like mixer, speaker, oven etc.

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It is also interesting to know that the smugglers have also attempted to smuggle the contraband by secreting about his person. The officers seized some gold chains, bangles and anklets in crude form secreted on persons.

It has been the endeavor of the Customs officers to detect any mode of concealment so as to recover the secreted contraband. Due to several detections of contraband concealed in conventional items, the smugglers are now adopting new modus operandi to bring in contraband.

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In addition to gold, 232 cartons of foreign made cigarettes valued over Rs.4 lakhs were also seized last month.

Last year 46.72 Kgs of gold seized and confiscated by Customs has been sold by the authorized Banks and amount of Rs. 14.25 crores has been credited to Government exchequer.


  1. Dear readers,

    Goldsmith across India is one strike for 3 days against PM Modi’s blunder budget.Now MIA is making some recovery for the loss.

    Let us wait from our inventory controller Mr.Original duplicate for the total asset collected in the MIA vault.

    Why there are no auditing of all the those gold recovered in the MIA in the past years? Why there are no PIL filed to extract the auditing report to now the value of asset in their vault?

    Is MIA gold vanish like Delhi airport?

    Jai Hind

  2. Too bad Bhajaranga Dala activists or their distant relatives are not involved in this incident. It makes perfect sense to hide names, identity, photo and their political affiliation in this case!!! smiles….

  3. Hey Rampa,

    Did you TRY & use your ‘considerable powers of persuasion, deduction, logic and analysis’ (not to mention ample clout) to find out the names of the people involved?

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