Mangaluru: Minister Ramanath Rai Inaugurates Newly Constructed Entrance Gate of Kadri Park

Mangaluru: District Minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai inaugurated the new main gate at the entrance of Kadri Park here, on January 22.

Speaking on this occasion, Rai said, “From tomorrow we begin Karavali Utsava and many programmes will be held at Kadri Park, notably the display of fruits, flowers and also the food fest. On account of which, this new entrance will serve to welcome the citizens.” He said that in the coming day many programmes will be hosted by the park and asked the citizens to help maintain the cleanliness in the park.

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MLA JR Lobo said, “We had planned to build a new entrance from many years. The entire project has been undertaken at a cost of Rs 30 lakhs. I congratulate the horticulture department for the beautification of this park. The government has sanctioned Rs 40 lakhs to re-start the children train at the park, but the railway department has given an estimate of Rs 80 lakhs towards the project. We have sought Rs 40 lakhs more from the government to complete the project, which may be completed in a period of a year and a half. Already the government has sanctioned Rs 5 crore towards the musical fountain and we expect it to be ready within 6 months.”

Lobo further said that the aim of beautification was to make the public happy. There were other developmental works in the planning stage like, footpaths, shops, park for the disabled and a children’s park.

Mayor Jacinta Vijay Alfred and others were also present.

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