Mangaluru: Missing College Girls Back in Parental Care, Being Counselled

Mangaluru: Two PU college girls from the city were said to have been worried about their performance in the internal examinations and had left by train earlier this week.

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Since one of them happened to call home from Shoranur in Kerala, the parents informed the police here. They contacted the Shoranur railway police and asked them to keep them in safety.

A team of city police and family members of the girls travelled to Shoranur and brought them back to the city. They have been handed over to the parents. The college authorities said that they were happy over their safe return to their parents.

They are being counselled and will be treated with respect and care in view of their tender age. A senior counsellor based in the city said that a momentary act of indiscretion should not be portrayed as a crime.

All parents should take this as a caution. They need to pay proper attention to their wards and treat them with love and care during their adolescence, she said.

She also said that since their pictures have been widely publicized, the stigma was likely to remain for long which was really unfortunate. Those who have been posting uncharitable comments on websites, social media and WhatsApp about the incident could well keep in mind that it could happen to their own family members, according to her.

She also suggests that if students, the females in particular, have any problem, they should discuss the matter with a reliable close relative, if not the parents. Since many colleges have student counselling system in place, it can be made use of, she feels.

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