Mangaluru: Missing College Girls Found in Shoranur, Kerala

Mangaluru: Both the missing college students have been traced by the police in Shoranur, in Kerala on February 4.

Both Jaqueline and Smrithi were missing since February 1 and a missing persons case was registered in the Bunder Police station.

The Bunder police team headed by Police inspector Shantharam are on the way to Kerala to bring the girls back.

On February 4, morning at around 9:00 am one of the girl called her uncle on his mobile and informed that they were in Shoranur, Kerala and they wanted to come back. Immediately the girl’s uncle informed the Bunder police, and the police acted swiftly and informed the railway police to take them to their custody.

Both Jaqueline and Smrithi are under the custody of the railway police at Shoranur. They will be brought to city soon.

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  1. Good both the girls were found. In such cases the girls are never to be found. We have to find out why the girls were to Shornur. Who took them and the intention. Girls should be educated not to fall prey to something like this which will always will have a tragic end.

    Even if the girls have gone for fun proper counselling should be given in all colleges to boys and girls.

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