Mangaluru: Misuse of Health Minister’s Name, Khader Orders to Take Action

Mangaluru: Nowadays we hear that many people are misusing Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khader’s name. During some of the accidents or when some people are caught by the police, they threaten the cops or officials using U T Khader’s name. To save themselves from the police, they project U T Khader as their uncle, cousin or friend. A similar incident happened in Upparpet Police Station, Bengaluru on December 8.

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On December 8 night, the Upparpet Police apprehended a youth in a drink and drive case. During investigation, the youth introduced himself as U T Khader’s nephew. The police without enquiring informed the media that the youth who was being investigated was the nephew of U T Khader and the news was telecasted on TV without confirming the youth’s relationship to the minister, who was at the time in Dubai attending a programme.

As soon as the news spread, U T Khader called the higher police officers from Dubai and confirmed that he did not have any nephew in Bengaluru. He said that his nephew is in Mangaluru, studying in St Aloysius College. The one who was caught in the drink and drive case was not his nephew and he did not have any nephew named Anish. Without confirming the truth, it is not fair to telecast such news to defame him. Action should be taken against those responsible for giving misleading information to the media and publishing, said Khader.

This is not the first time that anyone has misused U T Khader’s name. Earlier, a morphed photo of a girl completely dressed with gold ornaments with U T Khader’s picture was released with a caption, “U T Khader’s daughter’s costliest wedding”. U T Khader has only one daughter who is pursuing her education staying in a hostel. In this connection, well wishers of U T Khader have filed a complaint in the police station.

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