Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo Inaugurates Road Concreting Work at Bolar – Jeppu

Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo along with Mayor Jacintha Alfred inaugurated the concreting work of the Jeppu Market – Bolar Junction road, Jeppu here, on July 26.


Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-001 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-002 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-003 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-004 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-005 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-006

After the inauguration, J R Lobo speaking to the mediapersons said that the road from Jeppu Market to Bolar Junction will be completely concreted. “After Bolar Junction, the road towards Hoige Bazar upto Rosario will be concreted using the Natural Calamity Funds. Under the third Rs 100 crore project, the 350 m stretch road from Bolar main junction to Jeppu Market will be concreted. The total cost of the project is Rs 40 lakh. Within 3 months, we will complete the concrete work of the 350 m stretch. The remaining continuation of the road, which is another 350 m, will be concreted later.”

He further said, “Our aim is to collect all the funds from various schemes and concrete the entire network of roads. The entire Bolar Junction – Jeppu Market road will be concreted. For the 1.5 km road, work order has been issued and we will start the work soon. The total cost of the 1.5 km road will be Rs 1.2 crore.”

Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-007 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-008 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-009 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-010Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-012 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-013 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-014 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-015 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-016 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-017 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-018 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-019 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-020 Jeppu-bolar-concrete-20150726-021

He urged the concerned authorities to utilize the funds in a systematic way and complete the project within the promised time.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred, MLC Ivan D’Souza, Corporators Premand Shetty, Rathikala and others were also present.

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