Mangaluru: Negligence and Indulgence – Gold Kept on Window while Sleeping Stolen

Mangaluru: It is common to hear about large stock of gold kept at home, even though secured under locks, instead of bank lockers, and getting stolen. But even at home, negligence is being shown in storing the gold ornaments, leading to much repentance later.

Pavitra, wife of Harish Kumar of Neermarga, had placed her bangles, a plain ring and a stone-studded ring, all made of gold, on the window of the bedroom, before going to bed at night.

When she woke up in the morning, she was shocked to see that those jewellery pieces were missing. The window was found pushed open. The total value of theirs is said to be Rs 24,000. The negligence of the owner prompted the indulgence of the miscreant.

It could be the handiwork of someone who knew that she had the practice of keeping the gold there at night. The rural police at Maroli have registered a case.

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