Mangaluru: Neighbour Assaulted for Objecting to Loud Music Played in Pachanady Resort

Mangaluru: Playing of loud, high-decibel music at events and celebrations has turned out to be a big menace in and around the city. It is as if it is anyone’s birthright to bother the neighbours, whenever a celebration is organized.

What irritation and agony people like senior citizens, sick persons in the neighbourhood or even students preparing for their examinations is never thought of by those who are responsible for it.

A few persons had camped in a resort at Pachanady on the outskirts around the weekend and loud, blaring music was being played until past midnight.

It disturbed the immediate residents. One of them, Navneet, went there in his bike and parked it at the gate. He went inside and requested the organizers to lower the music level so that the neighbours could sleep well.

A few of the partying crowd not only assaulted Navneet but also damaged his bike parked at the gate, according to a complaint filed in the rural police station at Maroli.

The police have filed cases against Dheeraj Castelino and his brother Anuj Castelino from Jayashri Gate in Kulshekar and Melvyn Castelino from Urwa Stores.

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