Mangaluru: New Modus Operandi of Gold Smuggling Detected at MIA

Mangaluru: Custom officers have seized gold weighing 824grams valued over Rs 21.22Lakh in four separate cases in the recent past.
In the first case, gold in the form of thin strips and one gold coin were found concealed in the waist portion and pocket of the denim trousers/shots carried by a passenger. Another case was detected while rummaging the aircraft when two gold bars were found concealed under the seat cushion. The gold bars, left behind in the aircraft by the passenger who came from Dubai, were attempted to be retrieved by his accomplice on its immediate departure in domestic sector to Mumbai. Both the passengers were apprehended.
The third case two gold bars suitably modified to fit into the battery slots and concealed inside mobile phones carried by a passenger were detected. In the fourth case two gold bars were recovered from a lady passenger who had concealed them on her person.
As the smugglers are changing modus operandi as and when detection is made, customs officers are keeping a strict vigil on such suspicious passengers and their baggage are subjected to a detailed examination to thwart any attempt to smuggle gold and prohibited goods.
Further investigations are under progress.


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