Mangaluru: Occasion of Bandh Well Utilized for Repairs to Kulur Bridge

Mangaluru: Every coin has to sides. It was proved on the day of the nationwide shutdown on Wednesday, Sep 2 at the Kulur bridge.

The old Kulur bridge, constructed at the time to laying of the west coast highway in the late 1960s, has been in a very bad shape. Repair and restoration work on any normal day would have put the traffic in total disarray.

Hence they thought of making use of minimum traffic on the occasion of bandh to get repairs done to the much worn-out bridge. The eastern bridge was shut down from Tuesday night itself.

However, the idea was not a total success. Traffic was allowed only on the western wing with the hope that there would not be heavy vehicles plying on the day.

But a large number of private vehicles had to ply on a single-way system, which resulted in jams every now and then, especially in the morning and evening.

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