Mangaluru: Pakistani Hacker attacks Mangalore based Doctor’s Website

Mangalore based Dr Edmond Fernandes, a Health and Development activist and Public Health Advocate has been connecting with the masses through his website for furthering causes in health and development.

However this morning Pakistani based hacker has hacked Dr Edmond’s website and posted anti-India message on the site. The hacker posted the message as “Hacked by Mehrab Hassan was here, India F*** you.”

Dr Edmond has been connecting with society through his website by writing opinions, putting on public domain, letters that are meant for Government officials so that the common man can access the content of the letters. Although according to his IT team, a backup of the site is taken, these incidences of cyber war require serious attention.

Dr Edmond has already informed Mangaluru City Police Commissioner S Murugan by updating him the screenshot pictures. Dr Edmond’s IT team has restored the site to a reasonable extent within 15 minutes. According to sources there is lot of cyber war and cyber crime activities that are going on. Recently last week Kerala Government’s Home Ministry website was also hacked as a message posted was “Security is an illusion.” It is about time, India enhances its cyber security options as digital India continues to be promoted.




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