Mangaluru: Pedestrian Hit by Speeding Car at Kotekar, Dies on Way to Hospital

Mangaluru: Radhakrishna Acharya (45), an autorickshaw driver by profession from Kotekar, died after being hit by a speeding car on NH 66 near his house on Monday night.

As has been his practice, he had just parked his vehicle in the compound of an acquaintance and walking back home. The car, the identity of which is not known, hit him. He lay on the road bleeding.

Neither neighbours nor passersby came to his assistance for about 20 minutes. Another rickshawdriver who happened to pass by, assisted by a passenger, shifted him to a private hospital in Thokkottu.

But he was declared dead since he had suffered excessive bleeding.


  1. This incident shows real color of People around here. This Car might have KL14 registration. I am requesting public to force District Traffic Police to get tough on these cars. Just 2 hours back a stupid KL14 Registration plate holder almost killed a person near Nanthoor Circle. This Idiot driver was driving with a 2 to 3 years old Child on His lap. I am sure that Child turned the steering wheel to left suddenly. Too bad I could not catch the full number. of that Car.
    Look at the way these KL14 cars speeding to Bajpe Airport. I hereby request Mr Chandrashekar, Police Commissioner to get active and monitor the KL14 Cars on Airport Road. Our life is in danger.

  2. “KL14 registration..” writes Joe D’Souza
    Is this a new code word for cabs ferrying school dropouts from kasaragodu to mangaluru vimaana nildaana on their way to some distant gulf country? Every time I land in mangaluru, I can’t help but notice how only men from …….travel to gulf countries leaving their wife and kids back at home!!!

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