Mangaluru: Police Commissioner Cautions Public on Ruses Bringing ‘Good Luck’

Mangaluru: The state government is thinking in terms of formulating a legislation to ban the practice of superstitions and blind beliefs which are mainly used for fleecing the uneducated and gullible public.

At the same time there has been opposition to the move from vested interests who fear that they would be rendered jobless if such a law is implemented, according to rationalists and those with a scientific temper.

They say that public emotions are instigated by those affected by such laws, citing hurting of religious sentiments. Whatever be the case, it is true that innocent people are cheated of their money by propagating misinformation.

It has come to the notice of the police that such false beliefs are being spread among the public. The latest one is that a vessel that attracts grain like magnet called ‘rice pulling’ and the red sand boa, if kept at home, would bring good luck to the owner. The endangered species of red sand boa are caught from the forests and sold to the public.

Chandra Sekhar, the new police commissioner who took over last week, is a product of IIT Kharagpur in Poschimbonga state, and he has naturally come out with a caution. He has asked the public not to believe in such information that things like ‘rice-pulling’ vessels and reptiles would bring good luck and not to get cheated.

Such activities are rampant in the present days and therefore he has requested the citizens to be wary of those trying to con the public.

Incidentally, three persons were arrested by the Panambur police while trying to sell a read sand boa earlier this week. They have been remanded to judicial custody by a court. The police said that the reptile seized from them was being given to the custody of the Pilikula zoo.

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