Mangaluru: Police to Interact with Bank Officials over Rising Number of Online Frauds

Mangaluru: There has been an alarming rise in the number of online frauds like hacking bank accounts and ATM passwords, unauthorized transfer of funds from accounts and the like. Very often, the banks pass the buck to the account-holders on the pretext that it was their responsibility to ensure that their money is safe.

The police have been receiving a large number of complaints of such fraudulent withdrawals. Being ill-equipped in terms of technology and expertise, it is difficult for them to cope with the situation.

In order to create awareness among the banks regarding safeguard measures and a need to set up in-house IT cells and cyber security cells in the banks, the city police intend convening a meeting with prominent bank officials.

The discussions will deal with problems like customers revealing their passwords over phone or by responding to emails from strangers and other related subjects.

While the media has been doing its duty in widely publicizing such incidents, there has been a complaint from the public that there is no serious efforts from the banks to caution their clients not to reveal their details to anyone. They need to publish handbills in different languages to warn them against such frauds.

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